Smart Suitcase Follows Its Owner

 - Nov 12, 2007
Lugging your suitcase around the airport can be quite a pain, especially when you're juggling carry-on luggage, a book, a latte and, for some, children. Russian inventors have come up with a handy solution -- a suitcase that follows you!

"The case responds to an electronic card in its owner's pocket and has infra-red and ultrasound sensors, which warn it of approaching obstacles," Russia Today said.

"The 'intelligent' suitcase also boasts a soft bumper and a headlight."

There have been little details reveiled, such as how users prevent the $2,000 suitcase from being stolen. If you're wandering around the airport, dashing to your gate, carrying the above mentioned items, how do you ensure your suitcase isn't snatched up by someone else?

All I envision is a major international airport with unmanned suitcases zipping around everywhere as frenzied passengers are bowled over by the them. A 30 lb bag slamming into your heel, hurtling at the back of your knee, or completely knocking out a toddler just doesn't sound safe.