The Pure Lady Massage Chair is a Spa in a Suitcase

 - Nov 9, 2009
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The Pure Lady Massage Chair has inspired me to start my Christmas list early. After a weekend of raking leaves, I may be a tad more sensitive to every last aching muscle in my body, as I am enticed by the description of this Pure Lady Massage Chair from Born Rich:

This sleek massage chair offers four types of courses: Foot and calf massage with the foot air bag equipped with the back acupressure stimulation Gui Innovation calf, Pelvis and thigh massage with a rocking mechanism from side to side around comfortably seat air bags and waist and back massage such as Shiatsu massage.
If you watch the video, you will be impressed at how easy the Pure Lady Massage Chair is to open and close. The chair’s portable size would enable easy storage almost anywhere at home or in the office. Although the pricing and availability of the chair hasn’t been announced, compared to the expensive massage chairs found at a spa, I think this one will be much more affordable.

Now if I can convince Santa to make a stop in Japan on his way to my house, my Christmas dreams will come true!