From Vintage Suitcase Shelving to Handy Homemade Instruments

 - May 14, 2013
Traditionally, suitcases are used for travelling, but these clever suitcase creations go well beyond intended use. Re-purposing vintage luggage has become extremely popular. From suitcase guitars to classy cat beds, the possibilities with updated suitcases are endless.

While some of the creative suitcases seen here are still used for travel storage, they've been given a complete makeover and are certainly unconventional. A great example of this is the scooter suitcase hybrid, that combines easy transportation and storage. Another fantastic example of updated suitcase designs is the 'Carry-On BBQ Suitcase.' This item allows consumers to bring a portable BBQ with them on their travels, while still providing luggage space.

If you have an old suitcase laying around, consider these extraordinary luggage-based ideas. A little imagination and an old vintage suitcase can go a long way.