'Melvin the Machine' is Elaborate and Wonderfully Inefficient

Most designers value efficiency, but as evidenced by a recent creation 'Melvin The Machine,' Dutch design studio HEYHEYHEY opt for creativity over speed.

Melvin's purpose is to stamp letters. However, the appeal of the contraption is not what it does, but how it does it.

As anyone familiar with any Rube Golberg machine knows, the devices are not designed to efficiently carry out a task. Quite the opposite, they are meant to perform whatever function they are assigned in the most round about, elaborate way possible.

Viewing the video featured here will demonstrate just how wonderfully inefficient HEYHEYHEY's creation is. In order to stamp a single postcard the machine goes through a number of needlessly intricate processes. The mechanisms are spread out across two suitcases; initially a ball rolls down a slide, and is then flicked across to the other suitcase by a catapult where it ignites a series of similarly byzantine mechanical processes. The end result is a single stamped post-card.