From Posh Printed Frocks to Gilded Minimalist Ensembles

 - Jul 4, 2012
Streamlined shift dresses are a unique fashion item in that the design allows for wearers to carefully straddle the line between sexy and appropriate.

Identified by body-conscious cuts with surprisingly little skin shown, shift dresses are a mainstay in fashion and are often favored by those with professional jobs. The typically simple design of these frocks allows for optimal amounts of creativity when it comes to print and embellishment, making these an ideal canvas for artistic minds. More recently popularized in the public eye by Victoria Beckham, who also designs many of these dresses, the shift is a 60s born style bound to keep on booming.

Sophisticated, slimming and timeless, this style of dress is sure to stick around and be modernized and reinvigorated for many seasons to come.