- Jul 12, 2012
There is no shortage of Steven Meisel ads that litter the glossy pages of renowned publications. Prada, Lanvin and Louis Vuitton are a few of the luxury brands whose iconic advertisements depend on the brilliance of the fantastic American photographer.

Steven Meisel has a talent for capturing desire and opulence with his avant-garde aesthetic. He orchestrates campaigns with images that are lavish in their display of glamor. There is also an added factor of edginess that accompanies his brand of sublime photography, which becomes the focal point of many ad campaigns. With these vanguard attention-grabbing details, he manages to have collections transcend from the runways' exuberantly wearable proportions. The result are advertisements that not only make the brand admired, but extremely coveted.

The most distinguishing factor of his legacy is that he excels at blurring the line between publicity and art with the flash of his camera.

A Collection of the Iconic Photographer's Brilliance: