From Cinematic Beer Virals to Brew Finder Apps

 - Oct 29, 2011
These delightfully quirky Stella Artois campaigns illustrate the company's intention to promote an image of an aesthetic-conscious, easy going, artisan brew.

Over the years, Stella Artois has accumulated a devote following of loyal customers due to its fine taste, but the company's marketing campaigns have certainly helped the process along. Often paying homage to the beverages French roots, many of these campaigns capitalize on the irresistible charms of the country's gracefully bizarre culture.

With directors like indie favorite Wes Anderson working in the wings, these Stella Artois campaigns show a collection of stylishly kitschy ads that go well beyond the usual bikini-clad bimbos. Giving the brew an air of intellectualism and an alternative appeal, these commercials give hipsters cause to come flocking.

Bursting with personality and vivacious story lines, Stella Artois has managed to carve out a comfortable niche for itself amongst the carelessly fashionable and adorably quirky.