From Symmetrically Sliced Clothing to Men's Candy Wrapper Purses

 - Sep 13, 2012
Spring 2013 fashion designs feature lots of soft flowing fabrics with minimally structured tailoring as the emphasis for next spring is all about comfort and ease.

The 2013 collections include hints of color ranging from pretty pastels to bold and rich hues, as well as various patterns and prints that add a flair that will make you want to frolic and rejoice in the spring sun. The men's clothing and accessories feature classic shapes that are revamped with vibrant stripes and daring metallics. The women's frocks and jewels are flirty yet sensuous, with flowing skirts mixed with leather and androgynous jackets paired up with cropped pieces. The accessories are all about adding a personalized touch to the ensemble with charmed jewelry and candy colored clutches.

Spring 2013 fashion designs are all about exciting pops of color and relaxed fits.