- Nov 24, 2011
From sustainable cycle frames to Kenyan running apparel to job-creating bike shops, this list of sporty social enterprises fuses the fun in play and exercise with the triple bottom line. What is more, this group of businesses and organizations span local initiatives to ones that are larger in scope and focus on the global commodity chain in order to create positive social change.

Some of these sporty social enterprises, like Comet Skateboards (a certified B Corporation) and KO2 (an organization that incorporates badass dirtbiking into its mission) take an alternative and youthful approach to solving problems and getting people outdoors and living a life of adventure -- or at least of more adventure. Other featured sporty social enterprises in this SocialBusiness.org top list use more traditional sports like cycling and soccer in order to create jobs and offer sustainable solutions across the globe.

From Kenyan Running Apparel to Job-Creating Bike Shops: