The Greencycle-Eco is Designed for Less-Industrialized Countries

The Greencycle-Eco is a bamboo bicycle designed to be used primarily by the poor in less-industrialized countries. The Greencycle-Eco has a unique design that allows for saddlebags (in this case baskets) to be thrown over its frame. A small passenger seat is also included allowing two to ride safely at a time.

The Greencycle-Eco is constructed using a bamboo frame with a small amount of steel being used to hold everything together. The bike is made using prefabricated bamboo panels cut using a CNC cutter to minimize waste. The cost-saving materials and techniques used to make the Greencycle-Eco help to keep its price low so that Majority World farmers can actually afford to purchase one. You can check out images of the Greencycle-Eco along with other bamboo bikes here.