The Greencycle 2 by Paulus Maringka is a Convertible Rickshaw Bike

 - Aug 15, 2011
References: yankodesign
The Greencycle 2 was designed by Paulus Maringka and is already receiving positive feedback from many of its reviewers. The Greencycle 2 has also recently been featured in the 2011 International Bicycle Design Competition. This trike-bike stands apart from its competitors because of its basic design and what it means for environmentally sustainable designs that aim to assist poorer countries. The Greencycle 2 was created in the design process with renewable resources that are easily accessible in many developing countries.

The design of the Greencycle 2 was developed using research methods and feedback from target groups that would help in creating a bike that is functional and culturally meaningful. The bike was redesigned into a three-wheeler after the first model of the Greencycle failed due to lack of stability. The Greencycle 2 is still able to convert back to a two-wheeler given the need in the terrain. This bike could greatly impact those in developing countries that do not have access to cars and trucks.