From Luxurious Tuner Cars to Supercar Crossover Concepts

 - Feb 18, 2013
Even those who don't love cars with a religious zeal will find something to like among all of these speedy Nissan GT-R sightings. The Nissan GT-R (it is often referred to as "Godzilla") is known as a supercar killer. It can seat four, do over 190 mph in stock form and it can average 23 mpg highway. The car is often called a supercar killer because of its ability to beat more expensive and more well-known supercars in head-to-head races and time trials.

These speedy Nissan GT-R sightings include a Godzilla that was morphed into a cop car and the Juke-R (Nissan's quirky crossover featuring the engine of the GT-R). Also found here are tuned GT-Rs that push the envelope in terms of power and speed.