- Jan 30, 2010   Updated: Mar 24 2011
Snoop Dogg has been featured enough times on Trend Hunter to have his own cluster. Let me be the first to say that today, January 30, 2010, is a glorious day.

From Snoop Dogg masks to Snoop hot dogs, check out all of the Snoop innovations which will brighten your dizzle. That, my fellow Snoop supporter, is a guarantizzle.

Implications - He may just be a rapper with a shady reputation for drugs and pornography, but that doesn't mean Snoop Dogg doesn't have a major following and a style that is all his own. Because he is more than just an artist, Snoop Dogg has a distinct iconography that inspires his fans to want to be like him. The result is that products geared towards that desire have a surprisingly welcoming audience that shouldn't be ignored by companies looking to entice young consumers.

From Snoop Dogg Masks to Snoop Hot Dogs: