From Monster Movie Decks to Positive Deck Designs

 - Dec 25, 2009   Updated: Mar 23 2011
Getting the perfect design customized on your skate deck is half the battle. Then there is that whole learning how to ride thing. But don't worry about that, just make sure the graphics on your board are awesome.

From monster movie decks to positive deck designs, check out the 21 fantastically designed skate decks.

Implications - Skateboard fans would definitely get a kick out of looking at all of the featured skate decks. Skate decks are special to boarders because they show off creativity, personality and style. There is a whole realm of marketing and advertising opportunities that could be possible with skate decks. Brands slap their labels all over skateboards and not only does the rider have an awesome ride, but the brand is getting free advertising.