From Romantic Tragedy Weddings to Shakespeare Diapers

 - Oct 2, 2009   Updated: Jun 8 2011
William Shakespeare is arguably the most famous writer of all time. Artists, writers and literary geniuses study his work for years in an attempt to grasp his brilliance. In honor of their hard work, and the talent of Shakespeare: here is a wacky cluster with Shakespeare diapers!

Check out all the Shakespearean spin-offs our culture has created from romantic tragedy weddings to, yes, Shakespeare diapers.

Implications - While not all consumers can achieve world-renown or celebrity status, having such individuals depicted in humorous and alternative ways is entertaining for consumers. Businesses and companies will benefit by showcasing famous individuals in ways that everyday citizens are able to connect with. In doing so, companies will appeal to a larger clientele as these individuals will now be more likely to relate to those icons.