From Stress-Free Beach Homes to Stone-Encrusted Holiday Havens

 - Dec 31, 2012
These serene getaway homes are examples of perhaps some of the most idyllic places to be on this earth when you're looking for some alone time. These relaxing, secluded havens are great spots to disappear to when your job or life become a little much.

Whether you're a cabin person with an appreciation for nature or a beach bum looking to catch some rays, there's a little something for everyone out there. While getaway homes and resorts can often run on the pricey side for luxurious comfort, they are awesome sources of inspiration for fixing up your own cabin or beach home. Often resorts and rental homes use the most extravagant fixtures and products, whereas you can find similar items either used or simply cheaper for your own getaway spot.

These gorgeous mountain, beach and nature retreats are a great way to start off 2013 relaxed and invigorated.