Dharma-Gili by Alfa Resorts is Eco-Friendly and Promotes Awareness

 - Dec 14, 2011
References: dharma-gili & socialearth.org
During this holiday season, people will be traveling to exotic locales to escape the winter chill; however, Dharma-Gili by Alfa Resorts offers a lot more than just a pampered lifestyle. The luxury getaway is designed and constructed with eco-friendly materials, creating an environmentally friendly resort experience while promoting awareness for local issues.

Dharma-Gili by Alfa Resorts is located in Bali, Indonesia and is the first of many proposed resorts to be constructed with an ecological, social and economic conscience. According to the mission statement on its website, the goal is "to develop a resort business model that is environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and financially viable." On the resort, there are a multitude of shacks which are designed and constructed by Anasia, using new, sustainable materials such as a composite "bamboo timber." The prefabricated, low-impact designs usher in a new sustainable construction method the world has yet to see.

Having said that, being eco-friendly is only one side of the business model. With several people in Indonesia living below the poverty line, Alfa Resorts hope to educate local citizens by promoting ideas and generating opportunities that will attempt to eradicate a breadth of social issues plaguing the region. These issues include employment, education, health, hygiene and poverty.

By creating opportunities to reduce the impact of social and economical issues for local citizens, Dharma-Gili by Alfa Resorts enhances the lives of employees and their local communities.

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