- Sep 29, 2017
September 2017 games trends reveal the incorporation of the ever-growing popularity of subscription services into the game industry, as well as the revamping of classic games.

An example of the former is the Ubercrate video game subscription service, which sends subscribers 10 random games per month. This collection of games can have a total value of $40 and go up as high as $700, but the service itself costs only $20 for a three month subscription.

An example of the latter is the Prosecco Pong game offered by the party supply store Talking Tables. Most people are familiar with the classic party game 'beer pong,' and Prosecco Pong offers a more sophisticated way of playing the same game. The revamping of this classic ensures that it is more adult-friendly, while still being familiar.

From Randomized Gaming Subscriptions to Prosecco Drinking Games: