From Starkly Pale Portraits to Honoring Unibrows

 - Jun 1, 2012
Traditionally, eyebrows are groomed to sport the standard arch -- there are countless YouTube videos that teach the proper place to start, bend and end when plucking, but now, an increase in the popularity of rule-bending brows can be observed.

The fashion industry has pushed a relatively unexplored frontier, adding accessories like feathers and glitter to make eyebrows exaggerated and prominent. Another popular re-design sees completely bleached brows, giving models a more extraterrestrial, gender-less look. With so many high-fashion looks migrating from the runway to the streets of a neighborhood near you, it is plausible that such extremist cosmetics will come into style.

With the definition of a "beautiful brow" changing, I wonder if the unibrow could ever come into style. What a scary thought.