- Nov 27, 2008
Reese Witherspoon might use her girlish charm to schmooze her way out of a speeding ticket, but we know there are much more innovative ways to deal with the consequences of a heavy foot.

The cluster below highlights some of the most fascinating modern innovations pertaining to speeding, from clothes that monitor your speed so you don’t get caught, to the use of kissing booths to pay off those tickets you do end up getting.

"I get in car accidents and get speeding tickets all the time," Reese Witherspoon has said. "I have to roll down the window and smile and wave and hope it works in my favour. But I send a lot of baskets to a lot of police officers."

Umm, we’ll stick with some of the options below. I’m thinking the anti-speeding donut is the most feasible!

(Or You Can Just Flirt, Like Reese Witherspoon):