From Beefy Booze-Infused Pies to Fast Food Hybrid Pies

 - Mar 8, 2013
Pies are one of those amazing comfort foods that everyone loves to eat, but if you're tired of making the same old recipes all the time, then these peculiar pie recipes are the perfect way to transform these ordinary items into something more exciting and unusual,

When it comes to baking, pie is as basic as it comes, all you normally have to do is prepare the dough and fill the tray with your preferred fruit fillings. These peculiar pie recipes however, is far from ordinary, and combines a range of wacky ingredients and techniques we often don't see when it comes to making pies. These recipes incorporate everything from meat and pizza fillings, to egg rolls and vegan ingredients. These quirky creations encourage people to get imaginative with their cooking styles, and to experiment with their ingredients.

If you love pie and are willing to try new things, then these bizarre pie recipes are just for you.