From Pink Python Pumps to Golden Glam Sneakers

 - Jun 6, 2013
While nowadays ordinary sneakers and kicks can run up to a couple hundred of dollars, these lavishly over-the-top shoes are taking the term extravagance to a whole other level, showcasing the most glamorous and pricy footwear around.

Having a pair of shoes that are made from high-quality material and that are intricately designed can often justify having a higher price tag than others, and these lavishly created kicks are outfitted with so much bedazzle and elegant touches that most likely only celebrities and millionaires will be able to afford. From limited edition $60,000 basketball sneakers to kicks that have been dipped in gold, these over-the-top shoe designs are giving a whole new meaning to the term luxurious living.

If you have the dough to spend, then these lavishly extravagant shoes will surely make you feel important and one-of-a-kind.