From Bacon-Brimming Flapjacks to Party Animal Breakfast Food

 - Jan 31, 2013
Breakfast is the most important meal of day, so why not start it off right with some over-the-top breakfast creations that are sure to keep your stomach full all day long? Those who enjoy the combination of sweet and salty will absolutely love these creatively hearty breakfast meals.

These scrumptiously delicious breakfast creations include everything from chocolatey pancakes and gourmet donuts to meat-infused pastries and multi-layered sandwiches. These hearty breakfast meals are sure to please those who enjoy eating yummy dishes bright and early as a way to start of their day on the right track.

Why not get little adventurous and have dessert-themed dishes for breakfast? These over-the-top breakfast recipes are sure to entice anyone with a sweet tooth, or for those who just love anything fried, baked or sizzled to cook in the morning.