From Ski Glove Timepieces to Farm Girl Wristwatches

 - Oct 8, 2011
Over-the-top luxury watches, what's more "American Dreamy" than that? Everyone knows that any watch will do -- and hey, you might even have five different technological gadgets that do way more than tell the time, but what fun is that?

Historically speaking (in the modern period, at least), luxe timepieces are a way for high-powered men to show off their riches and opulence in, what was considered at the time, a "masculine" way. Think James Bond. Or Mad Men. But timetellers have evolved from then until now and the mantra these days is certainly "anything goes."

From ski glove timepieces to farm girl wristwatches, this cluster of over-the-top luxury watches will have you looking for the off button. But don't be fooled, the swag on these babies can't ever be turned off.