From Dashing Disheveled Celebs to Pretend Couple Campaigns

 - Jul 11, 2011
These Orlando Bloom breakthroughs are sure to have you wishing this actor had his own show. Known for his breakout role as the foxy elf in Lord of the Rings and more recently as an attractive pirate alongside Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom has been knocking off the film roles with ease. Now, it’s time to reflect on his style and what others think of the sexy celeb.

According to a site devoted to celebrity male mashups, Orlando Bloom’s nose is the most notable characteristic of his well-sculpted face. Other Orlando Bloom breakthroughs include his quirky ponytail and his ability to influence fashion as the famous Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean. No matter what your preference, these Bloom finds are sure to provide more than an ounce of pleasure.

Implications - Orlando Bloom is associated with a laid-back lifestyle with his surfer look and sense of ease. Companies would be wise to incorporate elements of escapism in their products and campaigns to appeal to consumers caught up in the constraints of everyday life.