- Jul 29, 2011
You'll be prancing through the galaxies in delight after seeing this "purr-fect" bundle of Nyan Cat innovations.

The infamous Nyan Cat captured the hearts of thousands as he gracefully galloped across their screens spewing rainbows. Now Nyan can go beyond the screen as he perches on products like home decor, hairclips, and even desserts. Wear Nyan Cat in your hair and people will part for you in the hallways. Paint Nyan Cat on your toes and your feet will take flight and spout rays of rainbows.

Many parodies have also been done of Nyan Cat. Fans of the Pop-Tart-tummied feline have dressed up as Nyan, and played his catchy (and hypnotizing) theme song. Let Nyan Cat into your life with these adorably funny innovations. Meow!

Implications - Consumers appreciate products that make reference to elements of popular culture that are familiar with. These products allow them to convey their interests and values to their peers, and act as a form of self-expression.

This Cluster of Galloping Nyan Cat Goodies Will Captivate You: