From Shifting Urban Pieces to Intentionally Unbalanced Benches

 - Nov 25, 2017
In the November 2017 furniture trends there lies the secret to what makes furniture itself (in the sense of a Platonic ideal). Though there's a certain ineffability to defining anything, the trends listed here have commonalities that make it easier to dig down and discover not only what makes furniture, but what makes the most attractive and most functional furniture.

For those in search of functionality, the November 2017 furniture trends have plenty of options. One of those is the COLE armchair, which comes with a thick duvet embedded directly into it. No one is immune to the occasional nap in the living room, and the COLE chair merely acknowledges that realistic tendency.

On the more formal side of furnishings, the TILT bench is design to intentionally tip over unless two people are sitting on opposite ends at the same time, turning sitting into an exercise in teamwork.