From Breastfeeding Celeb Captures to Male Breastfeeding Ads

 - Aug 6, 2014
The movement against women's nipples is at an all-time high with controversial censoring on Instagram, Facebook and other social media networks; yet these normalizing breastfeeding finds show that many people are ready to lift the taboo that surrounds this necessary action. Olivia Wilde is currently making headlines around the World Wide Web for her Glamour photoshoot that shows her breastfeeding her new son, Otis, in a diner.

These normalizing breastfeeding finds also include ad campaigns starring men who take on the crucial role of the mother of their children as well as other breast milk innovations. Together, these normalizing breastfeeding finds will encourage people to see such everyday occurrences as they truly are. Women have a hard enough time as it is taking care of newborns.