From Exotic Dust Bowl Editorials to Haute Alien Invasions

 - Jun 4, 2012
For those with a penchant for glamorous, artsy fashion photography, they need look no further than the Nicoline Patricia Malina captures featured here. The Jakarta, Indonesia-based photographer is known for her luscious yet quirky style.

From opulent layabouts to fabulous floral themes, Malina's work is as eclectic as it is original. Her versatile and exceptional style has allowed her to work for such industry-leading magazines as Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, Lux and Cosmopolitan.

The photographer manages to convey some of fashion's most appealing qualities -- beauty, grace, poise -- in sharp relief. Malina, often moves beyond the quirky into the provocative, giving her photography a genuine edginess not regularly found in fashion publications. Indeed, much of her work would be just at home in a studio as in the pages of a magazine.