From Sling-Inserted Side Tables to Perchable Periodical Stands

 - Jan 10, 2013
Some believe that paper periodicals are a dying breed, but these modern magazine racks prove that the monthly published goods are definitely going to stick around. Magazines aren't just for the dentist office waiting room, as many publishing companies will have certain content only available within the bound pages of a magazine. As such, you'll need a place to keep your favorite periodicals at easy reach, which is where these ultra-cool magazine racks come in to help keep things opulently organized.

Many of the designs within this collection take on a post-modern aesthetic and are shaped in unexpected ways that push against pre-existing design boundaries. There are ones that twirl upward towards the ceiling, which makes your magazines resemble a bookstore rack and others that resemble canine companions that sit idly by waiting to be utilized.