The + PLUS by Umut Demirel Serves as Both Storage and Seating

 - Sep 14, 2012
Waiting rooms would be much improved with the introduction of +PLUS by Umut Demirel. This clever object functions effectively as a magazine rack but can offer comfort to a weary body as well.

In its upright position, the small, but versatile, piece of furniture welcomes the suspension of reading materials across its horizontal wires. Roughly reaching the height of the average adult's knee, the object makes for an ergonomic stool when extra seating is required.

Flip the piece over onto its side and it exposes a gently molded inset, designed for a sitter. This is ideal for one who wishes to repose much lower. In this orientation, the +PLUS by Umut Demirel would also make for a convenient footrest. Without enough books or bottoms to accommodate, the furnishings can be easily stacked and stashed away.