The Helix Magazine Rack Flaunts the Beauty of its Bent Wood Body

 - Jul 14, 2012
I could not think of a better way to dress up one's collection of trashy mags than with the Helix Magazine Rack. This exquisite piece of polished wooden furniture might even have the power to improve the appearance of an entire room.

Milos Todorovic's elegant sculptural concept is carefully crafted from flat plywood that expresses a richly textured wood grain pattern. Thin leaves of it have been arranged in the metal grate-like base that becomes the steady footing of the slender spinning storage system. Torsion is then applied to the panels at an axis of 90 degrees. As such, the Helix Magazine Rack can simultaneously face the entire room when placed in a corner, posing like the fashion models found in its stashed publications.