Chaise Leaf by Petit Romain Needs No Coffee Table Companion

 - Aug 1, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Most of the time, a chair is only as useful as the side table sitting next to it, but the Chaise Leaf by Petit Romain offers sitters a place to stow away their books. Ideal for waiting rooms and quirky kitchen table arrangements, these peculiar perches serve up more practicality than most can offer thanks to a tray beneath the seat.

A close look at this creation shows the observer how clever the design really is. The magazine rack was not simply an afterthought, but it is actually formed from the cut and folded material between the front two legs. In fact, the backrest too is made through the same process applied to the back chair legs. The bright and contemporary Chaise Leaf by Petit Romain is actually molded from a single flat panel.