From Simplistic Shelf Designs to Chaos Theory Bookends

 - Feb 21, 2013
Those looking to deck out their interior decor with some simple yet chic shelving designs will absolutely adore these minimalist book stands, which are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

While many people enjoy decorating their homes with all sorts of fun and eclectic items that show off their quirky taste, there are those who would rather have a clean and less cluttered type of design style. These sleek novel stands are some great examples of items that are visually striking in their simplicity, as well as being something useful for your home. From bookends that make your items appear as if they're floating mid-air to ones that are simple linear shapes, these minimalist book stands will surely fit into any modern home interior.

Anyone looking for an uncomplicated and visually striking design to help them keep their books in place will certainly be attracted to these effortless novel stands.