From Volunteering Platforms to Pay-as-You-Go Energy

 - Feb 25, 2013
The most talked about (or most known) of these micro social entrepreneurship ideas is undoubtedly microfinance, which is now strongly associated with Muhammad Yunus and his Grameen Bank and Danone innovations. But looking at problems from the micro rather than the macro extends itself beyond finance and loans.

A good example is Raise 5, which is a micro-volunteering platform and social business. It's a marketplace that allows for small-scale volunteer efforts such as copy editing or a logo design (well, that could be a very large-scale project depending on who you ask). From micro-volunteering platforms to "pay as you go" energy, these micro social entrepreneurship ideas start small and then grow from there. Business kits, entrepreneurship kits and DIY battery manufacturing kits are a big focus here when it comes to using materials toward some larger anti-poverty goal.