From Branded Messaging Filters to Selfie-Specific Drones

 - May 30, 2016
These May 2016 mobile photography trends range from branded social media filters to flying drone devices that are specially designed to capture the perfect selfie. In addition to selfie-specific mobile apps and musical editing tools that pair filters with matching songs, other standouts include versatile video platforms and smartphone tool add-ons that ensure professional image quality at an affordable rate.

When examining the growing power of social media as a marketing tool, some notable examples include Starbucks' recently released gold star filters on messaging platform Snapchat. Recognizing the importance of Millennial appeal, the coffee giant promoted its Gold Star Rewards program by releasing themed photo filters that were a hit among social media users.

Similarly, Hering's 'SnapBlackFriday' campaign was released via Snapchat to garner attention about the brand's Black Friday deals. After viewing the company's public story, users were able to capture sale-specific screenshots that they could later use to access online discounts.