From Campfire-Inspired Muffins to Buttery Marshmallow Bites

 - Feb 6, 2013
Marshmallows are one of those treats that many people loved eating as children and with their gooey texture and delicious taste there's no reason why adults can't savor in these scrumptious treats as well, and these marvelous marshmallow recipes will definitely satisfy any tastebuds.

While you may automatically consider marshmallows as a simple treat that you sprinkle over your hot chocolate or squish within a s'more, these deliciously sweet ingredients can be incorporated into a wide variety of different dishes and drinks. From scrumptiously gourmet cookies to cake pops and cocktails, these marshmallow recipes are sure to keep you busy with all the ways these yummy delights can be made into desserts.

These delectable-looking recipes are just the thing to satisfy anyone looking to munch on something gooey and sweet.