- Jan 16, 2013
Origami isn’t just for making swans with flapping wings anymore; as these designs prove, origami can make organization fun.

Many of the projects on this list can be done at home with nothing more than a little imagination and a whole bunch of paper to fold. From wallets and purses, office supplies and instant shelters, these practical paper projects show that origami is truly alive and well.

Some of the projects make organization fun not by being literal folded paper projects, but rather being inspired by classic origami designs and concepts. Still, metal and synthetic materials being folded into angular origamiesque shapes for the purposes of organization is an idea I can certainly get behind.

If nothing else, it goes to show that there’s more of a purpose to origami art than just making a slithering serpent or a handheld fortuneteller!

From Wallets to Storage, Folded Paper Inspirations Make Organization: