The Paper Airplane Pushpins are Whimsical and Playful

 - Aug 9, 2012
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Whimsical and playful, the Paper Airplane Pushpins brings back fond memories of childhood. Shaped exactly like a classic paper airplane, these pushpins may inspire people to try to fly one. Considering that the end very pointy, that might not be the best idea. Nevertheless, lightweight and sturdy, it probably won't do much harm if it was launched at someone.

Available on Vat19, the Paper Airplane Pushpins are made entirely out of metal. Great for workspaces, home offices and other areas that require such organizational stationery, the thumbtacks will remind people that while it is admirable to get into the grind, recesses are necessary as well. The Paper Airplane Pushpins come in packs of six, which is just enough for many offices.