The Viva Speakers are Perfect Travel Companions

 - Jul 14, 2012
References: yankodesign
When the art of origami met metal, out came Jang Se-Chan's cleverly crafted Viva Speakers, a portable docking system that can be folded.

It's portable and doesn't require any cords or outlets. It's compatible with all iPhones and some Android products. Never again will users have to remember to bring batteries, as the Viva Speakers will do the job.

To use it, users will have to turn the square plate, which coils up into a cubical shape. In one rhythmic shape, the Viva Speakers unveil to showcase a three dimensional aluminum and chrome docking system. The sound beams from all four sides, creating an enigmatic surround sound system that everyone can enjoy. This compact soundbox is small enough to carry around and will blare sounds as loud as regular speakers.