From Spiked Beachwear to Water-Repelling Bikinis

 - May 15, 2012
These ludicrous bathing suits point to the seldom-seen side of beachwear. Designers and photographers have attempted to break the typical two or one-piece mold, bringing about novel cuts that make use of unforeseeable fabrics.

Although many choose to stick to time-honored styles, adventurous fashionistas have instead longed for these original looks. Spiked beachwear and water-repelling bikinis have been a part of the response to this acute desire. These unusual pieces are eye-catching, and for those who wish to make bold summer statements, this is the precise impact that is desired.

The visionaries behind these products have preferred an alternative approach to aquatic apparel. By straying away from the bulk of dainty and mostly monochromatic ensembles, they have ushered in a new genre.