- Aug 25, 2011
The automobile accident survival rate will undoubtedly increase in the future thanks in part to all of these lifesaving airbag innovations. The airbag is a safety feature found in nearly every new and most used automobiles. Recently, designers have taken the airbag into unknown territory, creating wearable airbags for everyone from motorcyclists to jockeys.

Wearable airbags make previously dangerous sports such as motorcycle and horse racing safer by reducing injuries to riders thrown into the air. Airbags have even been designed for mountaineers to help them survive the crush of an avalanche.

Not to be outdone, car companies have been rapidly updating their airbag designs to make them safer and more effective at preventing injury. Case-in-point, the iSave external airbag, designed to protect the outside of the car to prevent injuries from within. If you are interested in seeing just how safe riding a horse or driving a car in the future will be, then be sure to check out all of these lifesaving airbag innovations.

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