From Tattooed LEGO Toys to LEGO Cement

 - Jul 30, 2010   Updated: May 18 2011
LEGO toys have been around for what seems like forever, spanning decades of childhoods. It doesn't look like creative LEGO builds will ever let up. The most recent LEGO lover's dream are the all-new tattooed LEGO mini figs, which are biker LEGO figures with tons of tattoos drawn all over them. See some of our favorite innovations for LEGO lovers above.

Implications - When a brand has such a large pop culture presence, innovation will spark from it. This is due to a loyal fan base that will continue to integrate the brand into their lives. Smaller companies can look at LEGO's branding innovations and spin it to their products. Ideas such as LEGO building competitions can be hosted by a smaller business in an effort to generate awarene.