From Minimalist Leather Knapsacks to Suave School Satchels

 - Apr 4, 2014
These lavish backpack designs are perfectly suited for anyone looking to combine everyday practicality with a little more luxurious edge.

While backpacks are traditionally associated with a more childish type of accessory, the need for items that provide a similar convenience with a more mature edge has prompted designers to enhance these carriers with more of a luxurious edge. By opting for lavish materials such as leather, and adding unique designer inspirations, brands are able to give traditionally youthful items a completely revamped aesthetic, allowing adults to enjoy the practicality of backpacks while simultaneously adhering to adult tendencies.

From expandable leather knapsacks to those that feature studded exteriors, these lavish carriers are showcasing how a little aesthetic alterations can easily transform mundane accessories into elegant products.