- Jan 22, 2013
The kitchen is the heart of any home and these kitschy decor finds will help add a little extra quirk to your house. The kitchen is the perfect place to not only prepare a meal or grab a snack, but the essential area in the home where you can catch up with family members, mingle with roommates or even play a board game. As such, injecting the space with your own personal style is key to making sure it looks as good as it feels.

There are a number of obscure design finds here from fruit bowls that are literal moulds of fruit to simplistic dining tables that help bring the focus on to the people and the food. Moreover, these kitchen decor finds help you to really express your inner art freak if you're a bit more of a conservative type.

From Precariously Balanced Furniture to Upcycled Kitchenware Lights: