The Snakkes Light Provides Illumination and Encourages Communication

 - Oct 12, 2012
If there was ever a lamp that could be considered to have personality, the Snakkes Light would be it. Relying on its user to give it character, the quirky Northern Lighting accessory combines the functions of both fixture and whiteboard.

This eccentric dual-purpose object can thus be approached with a great deal more imagination. Suddenly the number of possible installation locations increases as you come to ponder where a message board might be most useful. Especially one that lights up.

You might find that Daniel Cortazar's piece is most convenient in the kitchen, near the front door or at the entrance to your bedroom. There would be a number of benefits to mounting it your workplace as well. The steel-framed LED Snakkes Light can be decorated with your typical white board markers and easily wiped clean for your next conversation.