The Beer Can Track Light by ZAL Creations Brings a Boozy Spin to Decor

 - Aug 18, 2012
References: etsy & thisiswhyimbroke
The beer can track light by ZAL Creations shows a new idea for lamp designs. This track light brings the bar to you in a variety of beer can brands including Budweiser, Sapporo and Heineken.

This canned track light can spruce up your boring at-home bar or kitchen, and change them into lively beer-inspired party rooms. These designs are made-to-order, and use a bright halogen flood light bulb to illuminate your bar. This track light is easy to install into your ceilings or walls, and it uses a single circuit 3-wire system.

ZAL Creations is a Chicago-based company that creates unique illuminators from pipes, beer bottles, skateboard decks and more. Everyone will want to come to your house to party with these innovative and creative lighting designs.

Additional photo: Beer Can Track Lights