From Breast Milk Marketplaces to Minimalist Family Skincare

 - Jun 30, 2018
New parents have a lot on their plate, and this list of June 2018 baby ideas may help to alleviate some of the stress moms and dads feel during pregnancy and while raising a newborn.

This month, Summer Infant created the M.O.M squad -- a superhero league that celebrates the basic, day-to-day tasks mothers perform. This unique effort reminds individuals of the incredibly difficult job mothers have, while offering mothers an entertaining means of support.

Like always, technology played an important role in all things baby-related and this month, the Rubi' Pregnancy Monitor was released. Rubi seamlessly blends comfort with technology to offer pregnant women a means of tracking their child's movement that's completely unobtrusive. The device fastens over one's belly like a stretchy T-shirt, allowing its integrated ultrasound technology to do the rest.