From Tangible Coding Toys to Active Jumping Mats

 - Jul 30, 2016
As the July 2016 kids trends reveal, parents are eager to nourish their children's minds and their bodies. This means not only making sure that children are learning skills that will help them later in life, but also making sure that they are staying fit and active.

When it comes to nourishing the mind, products related to coding and robotics remain in high demand. These kinds of products are meant to help children develop foundational skills and a passion for STEM subjects. Some examples of such products include gamified programming apps, tangible coding toys and DIY robot creatures.

On the other hand, the July 2016 kids trends reveal that there is an equally large demand for products that keep children physically active. One examples is Zhang Ting's customizable bike, which adapts as children grow. A similar example is the Leaping Long Jump Mat, which challenges children to jump further distances.