From Anxiety-Alleviating Cocktails to Warehouse Robotics Competitions

 - Jul 25, 2015
The top July 2015 robots trends range from literal innovations in the robotics realm to intriguing inclusions of the technology in unsuspected ways. As drone technology continues to become more accessible to the average consumer, there are lots of examples of unique gimmicks that make a splash online.

One of the more unexpected uses of robotic technology was a recent Toronto billboard ad for Nike that elevated the campaign's message. By adding a robot doing pull-ups into the window beside the billboard, the brand was able to elevate the message in a unique and noteworthy way.

Meanwhile, arguably the most famous robot, IBM's supercomputer Watson has moved on from competing on Jeopardy!, instead opting to serve as a unique recipe generator for both food and drinks. Providing a variety of robot-created cocktails, Watson's "Cognitive Cooking" can be your guide with the IBM and Bon Appétit Chef Watson app.